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2010 PODER ABC* Business Awards: General Oscar Naranjo - Courage Award

2010-11-11 00:00:00   -  1889 Visitas

General Naranjo was recently named Police Officer of the Year by the International Association of Chiefs of Police. He was also named an honorary special agent by the Drug Enforcement Agency here in the United States. General Naranjo has been the Director of Colombia?s National Police Force since 2007. Colombia?s security forces have scored several successes in the past years, including the rescue of former Presidential Candidate Ingrid Betancourt, and the killings of high level FARC Guerrilla Commanders Mono Jojoy and Raul Reyes. These successes have occurred under General Naranjo?s watch. Trust in Colombia?s security forces is as high as it?s been in decades. Colombians no longer live their lives in fear. It is the main reason why Juan Manuel Santos currently enjoys an 89% approval rating. Thanks to General Naranjo?s several decades of dedicated service to the Colombian Police Force, Colombians can feel proud of their country once again.

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