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ABC Reconciliation Forum - Cuba's Reconciliation inside and out

2009-04-19 00:00:00   -  3490 Visitas

For almost half a cen tury, the worldwide Cuban community has remained a fractured one. After Fidel Castro's revolution, there has been an active Cuban population living in political exile abroad. Interestingly, the Cuban population has largely managed to establish itself quite successfully, mostly in Miami, but also in New York, Madrid, and other cities around the world. Most of them, however, still long for a free Cuba . The debate over the future of the island is a difficult one, as Cubans are at odds on almost every issue. Moreover, the future of the nation, not to mention its relationship with the United States rem ains a bitterly divisive question. A peaceful future in Cuba is impossible without a deliberate, and thorough process of reconciliation.

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