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Could Hollywood star Tommy Lee Jones be the Democrats superhero in Texas?
A Texan movement led by a local attorney seeks to draft actor Tommy Lee Jones to run for Senate

The Lone Star State hasn’t elected a blue candidate to statewide office since 1994. However, Houston attorney George Berg believes that Tommy Lee Jones may be able to take on Republicans the same way he took on aliens in the film franchise, Men in Black. In what started as a Facebook page—which now has 2,448 likes—the draft Tommy Lee Jones movement has its own website and Berg claims that he has received “positive feedback” from many active Democratic players in Houston, according to the Texas Tribune. "I can't think of another Democrat in Texas," Berg told the Texas Tribune. According to Public Policy Polling, if Tommy Lee Jones runs for Senate he would have the highest chance out of the current Democratic candidates in defeating Republican Ted Cruz or Tom Leppert. Among Republicans, Jones has a 25/12 favorability rating, while having a 35/12 among independents. Jones has not commented on prepositions to run for office. But in his website Berg expresses hope that the Texan Hollywood star would be eventually persuaded. Tommy Lee Jones graduated cum laude from Harvard College with a degree in English and was former Vice President Al Gore’s roommate as an upper classman. Berg claims Jones has also donated money to Democratic presidential nominee Senator John Kerry during the 2004 Kerry-Bush presidential race.
Aug-12-2011 02:08pm