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COLOMBIA - Colombia’s Competitive Ranking Improves


Colombia’s Competitive Ranking Improves
The country climbed five spots in a global competitiveness index

The World Economic Forum unveiled the "Global Competitiveness Report 2009-2010", a document which states that Colombia advanced five points in this regard and and is now ranked 69th. The report highlights the nation's positive aspects such as the stabilization of its macro-economic conditions, peace and market breadth, but also criticizes the poor institutional environment, lack of developmental infrastructure and market inefficiency. The study also indicates that countries such as Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Trinidad and Tobago improved their competitiveness in 2009, although the region expects a 1.9% contraction this year. As in previous years, Suriname (102), Ecuador (105), Nicaragua (115), Bolivia (120), and Paraguay (124) were placed in the lower rungs of the measurements for the quality of their institutions, bureaucracy, crime, infrastructure, and education. This annual report is prepared by an expert group coordinated by the Spanish economist Xavier Sala-i-Martin of Columbia University (USA).
Sep-08-2009 01:09pm