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MIAMI - Defrocked priest pens book attacking Catholic church


Defrocked priest pens book attacking Catholic church
Alberto Cutiť, the former Roman Catholic priest, has written a book attacking his former church

In the book, 'Dilemma: A Priest's Struggle with Faith and Love,' Cutiť, a former Roman Catholic priest turned Episcopalian, blames the church's celibacy policy for the child sex-abuse scandals, and for the lack of modern day priests. He also accuses church leaders of being hypocrites and says they frequently turn a blind eye to homosexual and heterosexual relationships among priests, as long as they remain out of the public eye. The Cuban American served in the Miami Archdiocese for 14 years and was a rising star until photos surfaced of him kissing a woman (now his wife) on the beach, in violation of his vow of celibacy. "There are so many homosexuals, both active and celibate, at all levels of clergy and Church hierarchy that the church would never be able to function if they were really to exclude all of them from ministry," Cutiť writes. Cutiť is now married and recently became a father.
Jan-03-2011 03:01pm