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MIAMI - Recall Signatures Approved


Recall Signatures Approved
Clerk of Courts Harvey Ruvin said Tuesday that Norman Braman had collected enough valid signatures to force a recall election

The announcement Tuesda sets the stage for a recall election in between 45 and 90 days, in which Miami voters can cast their ballots to either remove Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Alvarez or keep him in his post, The Miami herald reported. The timing of the election will be determined by county commissioners. Ruvin had spent more than a month scrutinizing about 140,000 signatures collected by Braman for his ballot initiative. The Herald reported that Braman collected 95,499 valid signatures, far surpassing the 51,992 needed to surpass the 4 percent of county voters required by law. Braman, an automobile mogul with deep pockets, has often reached into his personal finances to fight what he deems inappropriate use of tax payer money. He launched the ballot initiative earlier this year when the county commission passed a budget proposed by Alvarez that increased taxes while also boosting wages for government employees.
Dec-21-2010 05:12pm