Obama and Latinos Post Health Care Reform

Thanks to the landmark overhaul, some Latinos will benefit as early as late June, when many uninsurable or “priced out” citizens with preexisting conditions will begin to see new insurance options.

Marcela Sánchez
Luke Sharrett | The New York Times

President Barack Obama speaks to the audience at Northern Virginia Community College, before signing the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 on Tuesday, March 30, 2010 in Alexandria, Va. Finalizing two major pieces of his agenda, Obama on Tuesday sealed his health care overhaul and made the government the primary lender to students by cutting banks out of the process.


You would think that the Latino electorate would have a lot to be pleased about after President Obama’s first year in office.

Take health care. Prior to reform, one in three Latinos did not have health insurance. Thanks to the landmark overhaul, some Latinos will benefit as early as late June when many uninsurable or “priced out” citizens with preexisting conditions will begin to see new insurance options. Also, small firms with less than 25 employees will soon be eligible for tax credits to help provide coverage for their workers.

Education too is looking brighter for Latinos as a new law will provide lower-income students with more aid for college. In addition, institutions that serve Hispanics, as well as black and tribal colleges, will receive $2.55 billion in direct grants.

Not bad, particularly since health and education tend to rank among the top concerns of Latinos. But on one critical issue – immigration – the Obama Administration has not done much to impress Hispanics.

As of late, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel even seems to be avoiding the issue. When asked in an interview on March 25 about immigration and the Administration's other priorities, Emanuel named everything — financial reform, energy, campaign finance, Iraq and Afghanistan — but immigration.

To be sure that was not an oversight. Emanuel knows Obama promised to tackle comprehensive immigration reform his first year in office. Worse yet, the Administration's approach to current laws has been less than commendable.

For some time the White House has been saying that it would change the government’s immigration enforcement priorities and focus on deporting illegal immigrants who are considered dangerous or have violent criminal backgrounds. While the policy shift was initially praised, it turned out to be short-lived. On March 27, The Washington Post reported that immigration authorities have set quotas that encourage federal agents to deport non-criminal undocumented workers.

In the eyes of Maria Rodriguez, executive director of the Florida Immigrant Coalition, this is tantamount to imprisoning “nannies and landscapers,” while wasting resources that would be better used to protect the country from more serious threats. Rodriguez and other activists claim Immigration and Customs Enforcement has run amok and that its director, John Morton, should be fired.

Immigration is a very personal matter for most Latinos. Among registered Hispanic voters, 45 percent are naturalized citizens, 30 percent have immigrant parents, and 11 percent have immigrant grandparents. In a recently released poll by Bendixen and Amandi, two out of three registered Latino voters reported having a friend, family member, neighbor, or co-worker who is undocumented.

Even if immigration is not the sole political concern of Latinos, it tends to provoke and mobilize the community like no other. On March 21, it did so again when some 200,000 marched on Washington to press for comprehensive immigration reform.

“Immigration is a family issue, a threshold issue. It’s about loved ones, about separated families,” Frank Sharry, executive director of the pro immigrant group America's Voice, said in an interview. “That’s why 200,000 showed up (for that march) and you didn’t see them turn out for healthcare,” he added.

Lack of action on immigration reform or disappointment with current enforcement won’t exactly drive Latinos to join the Republican Party, which has done little to distance itself from its anti-immigration reputation.

It may, however, keep Latinos away from the polls.  According to Latino Decisions, a research firm specializing in the Latino vote, of all key constituents in the 2008 Obama victory, “Latino voters appear to be among the least enthusiastic about voting in the 2010 midterm.” As of this month, Latino Decisions found that just 49 percent of Latino registered voters say they are very enthusiastic about voting in November -- 18 percentage points lower than the previous midterm elections in 2006.

Such indifference can have significant consequences. According to exit polls, Latinos played a critical role in Barack Obama's election to the presidency. Some 70 percent voted for him in 2008, giving him the edge in four crucial swing states: Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada and Florida.

In 2010, Latinos could play a bigger role. According to Bendixen and Amandi, nearly one in five Congressional Districts (79 in total, including 54 Democratic seats) is at least 25 percent Latino.

Latinos don’t expect sweeping legislative reform to be achieved quickly and they understand the difficult political climate in Washington. But the lack of progress on immigration will continue to take a toll on Democratic and Republican candidates alike.


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2010-04-02 14:42:37

Get the message, Obama! Immigration reform NOW! No more wait, excuses, and procrastination. Millions are suffering. This is a human rights issue and it must be resolved ASAP!

2010-04-02 16:16:18

Broken immigration laws hurts American citizens too. Wives and husbands, mothers and fathers of American citizens are being deported on the daily basis. Families and real people doesn't mean anything anymore, pieces of paper does. Please reform the immigration.

2010-04-02 16:46:15

Its not right that just because we do not have papers or are not citizens we do not have rights. We did not choose to be poor immigrants and have get separate from our families by migrating to other states in order to be able to support our family back at home. Not having rights make things even harder. So how do you expect families to better them selfs.

2010-04-02 16:48:38

So please OBAMA IMMIGRATION REFORM NOW! We are counting on you!

2010-04-02 16:51:03

that is why the laws have got to get inforced now, people are diying in the dessart and by human smugglers because they want to come here if you inforce the laws they won't so save lives and inforce the laws now.

2010-04-02 18:51:44

I am sick and tired of waiting for this reform! We, the immigrants, legal and undocumented, Latinos and immigrants from other parts of the world, must be strong, organize more rallies in out states, in front of congressman offices, senator offices, talk about reform on TV and radio, and make sure that individual persons' stories are being heard on TV and radios. We must write letters to the president, congress and senate. There are people who came to this country legally and were screwed by the immigration law. I have many friends that came legally and became illegal because they could not switch visas from H4 to H1B because they did not have a college diplomas, so they ended up working without papers. They have no other choice but to do that. The other choice would be to live in poverty, to let their children to live in poverty. They have nothing to go back to, some have husbands/wives who are US citizens or permanent residents. To separate those people would be worse than killing them. We need immigration reform so no other immigrant that comes to the US will suffer ever again!!!!

2010-04-03 13:33:56

The other day the TRAITOR Senator Bob Menendez (NJ) told the Star-Ledger that he had urged Obama to enact immigration reform directly after (!!!) the Nov elections. Menendez knows very well that the Democrats most likely will lose Congressional seats in November and that it will be almost impossible to pass immigration reform anfter the midterm elections. The Democrats are taking the Latinos for fools, but come Nov, without immigration reform they can say goodbye to re-election.

2010-04-03 20:41:45

I support democrats but what obama has done nothing except talk on Immigration reform he has not kept his promise that he will take care of immigration reform in 1st year its 2nd year now obama has done nothing just a little talk to keep voters on his side I dont think so he is serious & gonna do something about immigration we need to do more rallies across the states at same time same day I agree with Amy, show the politicians the voters in rallies, they will then act otherwise I can bet that immigrtaion reform not happening its just false promises so far thats what it is..

2011-02-24 06:52:37

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