U.S. to Honor Honduras’ Election Results

United States officials have agreed to endorse the Honduran election and all of its results, including the election of Porfirio Lobo Sosa as president

By Melissa Arteaga Marti | PODER360.com
Darren Hauck | The New York Times

The United States State Department has announced that it welcomes Honduras' presidential election of Porfirio Lobo Sosa as an “important step forward” for the country.

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for the Western Hemisphere, Arturo Valenzuela, called the election “fair and transparent” but noted that Honduras needs to make further efforts to restore democracy after President Manuel Zelaya was expelled in June.

Valenzuela also said that more needs to be done to achieve reconciliation.

Many countries, especially those in Latin America, refuse to recognize the new government and insist on Zelaya's immediate restoration to the presidency.

Others, however, including the U.S., Canada, Peru, Costa Rica, and Panama, have decided to recognize the outcome of the election so as long as the process proves to have been clean and transparent.

Craig Kelly, of the department's Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs, said in a press release that Washington would deal with Lobo Sosa as the democratically elected president of Honduras.

“Nobody has the right to take from the Honduran people the right to vote, to elect their leaders.” Kelly said. “The Honduran people have spoken very clearly, they have elected Lobo as their president that's clear.”

Lobo Sosa was declared the winner of the election on Monday and is due to take office in January. He has called on neighboring Latin American countries to support him, but many refuse to recognize Lobo because of the coup.

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said shortly after the results were announced that his government would not recognize the results of the election and would not “reconsider” its negative stance on Honduras' general elections.

Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Mortatinos sided with Brazil, as did Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez, Argentine Foreign Minister Jorge Taina, Chilean President Michelle Bachelet, Bolivian Foreign Minister Alfredo Rada, and the presidents of Nicaragua, Uruguay and Guatemala.

Rodriguez urged the Ibero-American countries (Latin America, Portugal, Spain and Andorra) to not recognize Honduras' “illegitimate government.”



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Freedom at Last
2009-12-03 14:25:14

Thank Goodness the US State Department has finally done the right thing. It was disgraceful that the US continued to support the former president that sought to grant himself a lifetime presidency regardless of the Constitutional requirement that forbids an additional term in office. We need to be on guard. The communist forces that support Zelaya will do everything in their power to regain control of the government.

2011-10-28 08:43:19

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