June 2009

TOP 25 MBAs for Hispanics

TOP 25 MBAs for Hispanics

By Elsie Morales
Marcelo Perez Dalannays


As the economic crisis looms over the business world, progressive business schools have realized that recruiting exceptional Hispanic students and other underrepresented minorities is a key establishing long-term success.

Yet progress remains slow. Hispanics may account for 14 percent of the U.S. population, but they remain grossly under-represented in MBA programs. In fact, minorities—including African Americans, Hispanics, and American Indians—make up less than a combined10 percent of the students in the top 30 business schools. That makes it even more critical to recognize the schools that put a premium of drawing Hispanic students and guiding them toward success.

The business schools on this year’s listing of the nation’s leading MBA program for Hispanics do not simply reflect the schools that offer top-notch programs. This year’s listing takes into account those schools that lead in Hispanic student recruitment efforts and offer benefits and services that positively affect the not only Hispanic student population but the future of America’s marketplace.

Ranking was based on academic quality; selectivity; minority student enrollment; international curricula; and the availability of minority scholarships, professional business organizations, and multicultural student associations. Utmost consideration was given to schools with highly rated Executive MBA programs and global business opportunities.

Our selection also placed a premium on membership in such organizations as the National Society of Hispanic MBAs and the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management, which give access to minority scholarships a and foster Hispanic leadership through graduate management education and professional development.

1. Stanford University Graduate School of Business
www.gsb.stanford.edu [’08 Acceptance Rate] 7.5%
[Minority Enrollment] 24%
[U.S. News & World
Report Ranking] #2

Stanford’s business curriculum boasts individualized study, required international experience and extensive global content. Hispanic students take advantage of the “Many Voices” orientation, the Latin American Club and the Hispanic Business Students Association. The school offers the Charles P. Bonini Partnership for Diversity Fellowship, which offers students a pre-MBA internship with a corporate partner and a full-tuition grant for the MBA program. Stanford also participates in the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement career conference and has an extensive Hispanic Alumni network.

2. UT Austin Mccombs School Of Business
[’08 Acceptance Rate] 26.7%
[Minority Enrollment] 21.5%
[U.S. News Ranking] #18

The McCombs School hosts the Texas MBA Diversity Weekend and is home to professional organizations including the Hispanic Graduate Business Association. The McCombs Global Connections program allows students to explore opportunities in global markets by participating in study tours throughout Latin America. In addition, the school offers a dual degree program in Latin American Studies and an Executive MBA program in Mexico City, addressing the need for business specialists with an understanding of Latin American politics and cultures.

3. Yale University School Of Management

[’08 Acceptance Rate] 14.4%
[Minority Enrollment] 20%
[U.S. News Ranking] #10

Yale displays commitment to recruiting a diverse student body through its Explore Diversity weekend. With an innovative MBA curriculum model, required International Experience, scholarship opportunities for minorities and clubs such as the Hispanic Advisory Council, it’s no wonder the school won the 2007 Destino Community Organization Award. The school shows no plans of slowing down efforts to recruit and support Hispanic MBAs. In fact, this summer Yale plans to launch the Pre-MBA Leadership Program, designed for candidates committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

4. UC Berkeley Haas School of Business
[’08 Acceptance Rate] 26.7%
[Minority Enrollment] 33%
[U.S. News Ranking] #7

The student body of the Berkeley MBA program represents more than 40 countries. Direct recruitment efforts and financial aid such as Haas Merit Scholarships and Toigo Fellowships attract exceptional minority students. The Latin American and Hispanic Business Association on campus provides students with networking opportunities and the Haas Diversity in Business Conference explores the challenges and rewards of building diversity within organizations.

5. New York University Leonard N. Stern School of Business
[’08 Acceptance Rate] 13.6%
[Minority Enrollment] 30%
[U.S. News Ranking] #11

At NYU, a culture of diversity is not only encouraged it is embraced. New York City provides a dynamic learning environment where business and cultural worlds combine, and Stern’s commitment to recruiting diverse MBA students is unwavering. The Association of Hispanic and Black Business Students (AHBBS) hosts an annual conference to provide MBA professionals with networking opportunities and professional development. Stern’s TRIUM Global Executive MBA, in partnership with the London School of Economics and HEC School of Management, Paris, is ranked third worldwide by Financial Times.

6. University Of California At Los Angeles Anderson School
[’08 Acceptance Rate] 19.5%
[Minority Enrollment] 19.8%
[U.S. News Ranking] #14

UCLA Anderson’s emphasis on diversity goes hand in hand with the global perspective that permeates the school’s curricula and organizations. Enhancing this diversity is the backdrop of Los Angeles, where the growing economic and social impact of Latinos is increasingly evident. The school offers a Latino Leadership Suite for upwardly mobile managers and Anderson’s Executive MBA Program is ranked 8th by BusinessWeek and ninth by US News & World Report.

7. University of north carolina chapel hill kenan-flagler business school
[’08 Acceptance Rate] 34.3%
[Minority Enrollment] 15%
[U.S. News Ranking] #20

UNC Kenan-Flagler students benefit from the program’s location in the Research Triangle, a hub of multinational corporations and companies where executives, entrepreneurs, and academics share expertise. The Alliance of Minority Business Students promotes minority academic and career success by working closely with alumni and corporate partners. The Executive MBA program is highly respected, ranked 10th by US News & World Report and BusinessWeek.

8. Duke Fuqua School Of Business
[’08 Acceptance Rate] 30.4%
[Minority Enrollment] 18%
[U.S. News Ranking] #12

Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business is committed to capitalizing on diversity within the community as a source of professional growth and innovation. Each year, the school hosts the Duke MBA Workshop for Minority Applicants to provide information and support to underrepresented minority applicants. The Black and Latino MBA Organization provides students with invaluable career and professional leadership opportunities.

9. Columbia University Columbia Business School
[’08 Acceptance Rate] 15.1%
[Minority Enrollment] 26%
[U.S. News Ranking] #9

The diversity of the student body at Columbia Business School compliments the school’s global scope, international faculty and innovative curriculum, including study tours to South America. Student organizations include the Latin American and Hispanic Business Association, which hosts one of the preeminent conferences on business and political trends in Latin America. Columbia also an extensive Hispanic Alumni network.

10. Northwestern University Kellogg School Of Management
[’08 AcceptanceRate] 19.4%
[Minority Enrollment] 24%
[U.S. News Ranking] #3 (tie)

Kellogg understands that diversity is essential in cultivating the next generation of global leaders. Kellogg belongs to the Ten School Diversity Alliance, a partnership between top business schools to increase awareness of and participation in graduate management education by underrepresented populations. The Executive MBA program is ranked No. 1 by US News & World Report and BusinessWeek and consistently receives high marks from The Wall Street Journal and The Economist.

11. University of Pennsylvania Wharton School
[’08 Acceptance Rate] 16.3%
[Minority Enrollment] 26%
[U.S. News Ranking] #3 (tie)

The Wharton MBA is one of the most coveted in the industry. The school is a member of the Ten School Diversity Alliance, and the Wharton Hispanic American MBA Association serves as a peer network for Hispanic students. The Executive MBA is ranked second by US News and the school offers dual degree programs focusing on international affairs with Penn’s Lauder Institute of Management and International Studies, Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (Johns Hopkins), or Harvard School’s Kennedy School of Government.

12. Georgetown University Robert Emmett Mcdonough School Of Business
[’08 Acceptance Rate] 30.2%
[Minority Enrollment] 9%
[U.S. News Ranking] #19

Hispanics at Georgetown MBA can take advantage of the numerous networking opportunities of Washington, D.C. The Global Executive MBA, ranked 12th globally by Business-Week, is offered in conjunction with the Walsh School of Foreign Service and ESADE Business school. The program mirrors the complexity of the global business environment by incorporating international perspectives in every aspect of the program.

13. Dartmouth College Tuck School Of Business
[’08 Acceptance Rate] 16.0%
[Minority Enrollment] 16.2%
[U.S. News Ranking] #8

Founded in 1900, Tuck School of Business is the oldest graduate business school in the world. Tuck Global Consultancy Projects allow second year students the chance to put their education into practice and have included trips to Mexico, Costa Rica, and Paraguay. The Tuck Minority Business Executive Program (MBEP) Alumni Association helps foster relationships that form through MBEP—the nation’s oldest program dedicated to providing executive training for minority-owned business.

14. University Of Texas At San Antonio
College of Business
[’08 Acceptance Rate] N/A
[Minority Enrollment] 22%
[U.S. News Ranking] N/A

UTSA College of Business’ distinctions include being ranked as one of the top 10 MBA programs for minority students for several years and receiving the Brillante Award for Educational Excellence from the National Society of Hispanic MBAs. BusinessWeek has ranked the Flex MBA program third in the Southwest and 26th in the nation. The school prides itself on its history of providing excellent academic programs and student services to first generation and minority students, and over 10 percent of faculty are Hispanic. Professional opportunities with prestigious companies along with more than 20 MBA concentrations make UTSA a business education powerhouse. Its membership with the Latin American Council of Management Schools and the Business Association of Latin American Studies only further prove its position as a Hispanic-serving institution.

15. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Ross School of Business
[’08 Acceptance Rate] 20.1%
[Minority Enrollment] 25%
[U.S. News Ranking] #13

The Wall Street Journal has consistently ranked Ross’ MBA program No. 1 for hiring minority graduates. The UpClose diversity event offers prospective MBA students the opportunity to experience the programs at Ross. The Wall Street Journal ranked the Executive MBA Program sixth in the world in 2008 and U.S. New & World Report recognized Michigan’s Executive MBA program among the best of any U.S. public institution.

16. University Of Rochester William E. Simon Graduate School Of Business Administration

The Simon School was one of the first top MBA schools to recruit in Latin America. After taking into consideration the international students draw by the program, 18 percent of the school´s incoming MBA students from the highest proportions among top-tier MBA programs. Simon offers a variety of resources for Hispanics, including VISION, Latin American Student Organization of Simon, and the college Diversityy Roundtable. The school was also ranked No. 1 in return on investment among private U.S. business schools by BusinessWeek in 2008.

17. University of Chicago Booth School of Business
[’08 Acceptance Rate] 21.9%
[Minority Enrollment] 15%
[U.S. News Ranking] #5

As one of the world’s top business schools, Chicago Booth’s commitment to diversity can be seen by its many milestones. The  school was the first to establish a minority program and the first top business school with resources exclusively dedicated to an Office of Diversity. Booth is committed to increasing access through its Hispanic American Business Students Association. Its Executive MBA program was the first of its kind in the world and is ranked in the top 10 by BusinessWeek, Financial Times, US News & World Report, and The Wall Street Journal.

18. Southern Methodist University Cox School Of Business
[’08 AcceptanceRate] 35.7%
[MinorityEnrollment] 14%
[U.S. NewsRanking] #47

Cox School has provided millions of dollars in scholarships to Latino applicants, and in the past it was named among the top MBA programs by Hispanic Trends magazine. Cox is also dedicated to making a business education attainable to all, offering 70 percent of the full-time student body with scholarships each year, including the Cox Distinguished MBA Scholars program, which awards up to 10 full-tuition scholarships. Cox’s Executive MBA is ranked 11th by BusinessWeek.

19. University of Southern California Marshall School of Business
[’08 Acceptance Rate] 23%
[Minority Enrollment] 31.2%
[U.S. News Ranking] #20

Marshall School of Business continues to build on a legacy of inclusiveness through student organizations such as the Graduate Latino Business Association. The school’s Los Angeles location only enhances students’ exposure to Latin American and Hispanic businesses and culture, and Marshall School’s Executive MBA program is top ranked.

20. Emory University Goizueta Business School
[’08 Acceptance Rate] 28.1%
[Minority Enrollment] 15%
[U.S. News Ranking] #22

Goizueta Business School’s efforts to reach out to Hispanics have been acknowledged with an National Society of Hispanic MBAs University of the Year Award. The school’s strategic alliances with Forte Foundation, Management Leadership for Tomorrow, MBADiversity.org, and Toigo Foundation prove that Emory is dedicated to cultivating a diverse student body.

21. Harvard University Harvard Business School
[’08 Acceptance Rate] 11.5%
[Minority Enrollment] 27%
[U.S. News Ranking] #1

Harvard Business School understands that being prepared to lead means being prepared for a multilingual, multicultural and international environment. Through outreach events, Harvard attracts a diverse student body that, once accepted, can take advantage of Career Treks and Immersion Experiences to business and cultural centers around the world. Students that graduate with a Harvard MBA will be part of one of the most powerful and extensive alumni networks in the world.

22. University Of Virginia Darden School Of Business
[’08 Acceptance Rate] 24.6%
[Minority Enrollment] 15%
[U.S. News Ranking] #15

Diversity is an integral part of all forums of the school—from discussion-based classes to the speaker series and other events. The annual LASA Conference at Darden affords an opportunity for students to discuss Latin America’s economic and political situation, as well as challenges and trends in emerging markets. Darden’s Global Business Experience (GBE) program enables students to study business and culture first-hand at countries throughout Latin America. And Darden faculty are consistently rated No. 1 by Princeton Review.

23. University Of Florida Hough Graduate School Of Business
[’08 Acceptance Rate] 31.4%
[Minority Enrollment] 10.6%
[U.S. News Ranking] #37

Hough Graduate School of Business holds the distinction as one of the best public business programs in the country, ranking 14th in the country and in the top five in the Southeast. UF realizes the value of a diverse student body in creating a worldly perspective inside the classroom. Recently, the school began offering the MBA in South Florida, allowing professionals and executives to earn the prestigious degree in one of the most culturally diverse cities in the country.

24. Cornell University Johnson Graduate School of Business
[’08 Acceptance Rate] 20.6%
[Minority Enrollment] 24%
[U.S. News Ranking] #17

At Cornell University, faculty and staff are led by the vision to create “an institution where any person can find instruction in any study.” The Johnson School partners with Management Leadership for Tomorrow and Hispanic American Business Leaders Association to reach prospective Hispanic students, and hosts Johnson Means Business, an annual recruiting weekend for underrepresented students.

25. University Of Miami School Of Business
[’08 Acceptance Rate] 49.6%
[Minority Enrollment] 20.9%
[U.S. News Ranking] N/A

University of Miami celebrates cultural and linguistic diversity as part of its mission to educate the next generation of business leaders. The Executive MBA program is ranked No.1 among those of Florida business schools according to the Financial Times and No.33 among programs in the Americas.


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